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No. In our dormitory, none if the apartments are allowed to be used by two persons. If the Studierendenwerk finds out about more than two persons living in one apartment it may terminate your lease.
No. We only have seven shared apartments at HBS. The chance that both tenants move out at the same time is so low that it makes very little sense to apply together.
Completing the optional information is voluntary. However, it has a positive effect on your application. As a guideline for the self-description a text of at least 600 characters is specified. A detailed self-description allows us to get an impression of you and can lead to an earlier assignment.
Your application through the application portal is saved on the servers of Studierendenwerk Aachen, with which later also your rental contract is concluded and which will be your landlord should you move in. The selection of a new resident for an apartment though is made by the Room Allocation Team of the HBS association, which consists of volunteering residents at HBS.
We can only assign rooms if some tenant decides to move out – thus we are not able to predict your waiting time based on your place on the list.
Yes. A certain contingent of rooms is reserved for international students in our dormitory. These rooms are given to participants of exchange programs or to international students in general. In contrast to the regular apartments, these also include a bed. The allocation of the rooms is done by the Housing Service of RWTH Aachen ( ). The allocation committee (Belegungsausschuss) has no influence on the allocation of such a room.
No. Repeated questions about the status of your application will not help you with speeding up your application. Special circumstances also do not lead to an earlier room allocation. As soon as we have a fitting apartment for you, we will contact you.

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